Since 1999 we’ve been getting underneath brands big and small to help them stand out and connect better with their audiences. We do this online, offline and with most things in-between.

Our process starts with a review of your objectives, your customers, your aspirations and your data.

The outcome may be a rebrand, a campaign or a website and what we do will differ from client to client (check out our services page), but our approach always remains the "thinking beneath the brand".

We believe that the best brand relationships are not just built on a mindless click and go decision, but a complicated emotional connection. Successful brands appeal more to a person's rational mind, but it's the emotional mind which makes the decisions. So how do we get the emotional connection?

We create rich and engaging brand stories that are as unique as they are memorable. Through imaginative and considerate story telling and by carefully tracking your metrics we can achieve consistent, fast acting and long lasting commercial results.

So to test our thinking or to set up a meeting with our team why not get in touch with Neil Stanhope – we’d love to hear from you.

Some of our clients

Some of our awards

Here are some of the high spots in our history so far. We create our work to appeal firstly to our clients and their audiences - but it’s always nice to be recognised for hard work, and as leaders in our various fields.

Property Marketing Awards

Marketing Awards

Advertising 2002

Marketing Magazine


Small Agency of Year
(2nd Place) 2008

Internal Comms Award


Internal Comms

Best Digital Campaign

Marketing Awards

Best Digital
Campaign 2010

Web Design Award


Web Design
Award 2011

Retail and Leisure Campaign 2012

Marketing Awards

Retail & Leisure
Campaign 2012

Client comments

We approached Underscore to help us turn our vision of The Money Charity into an engaging and positive brand. Managing money well can have positive implications for all aspects of your life and can help you achieve your dreams. We wanted a brand that helped us voice these messages. We love what they’ve developed for us, which we believe does exactly what we wanted.
Michelle Highman, Chief Executive, The Money Charity

Interested in working together?

If you think underscore might be a good fit for a project you’re planning, please feel free to send us your brief and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.