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Our last Underpants/Underrated survey asked what you all thought about new promoted tweets – essentially advertising on Twitter. The result was almost a dead split: 55% don’t like the new feature, which is hardly surprising – who wants more ads?

The real surprise for us was that 45% think they’re a good idea.

The message for us is clear, and it’s one we know well: people are receptive to marketing messages on social media, but if you’re going to do it, you need to do it well.

When you post, make sure you are sharing something of value. Do not use social media as a platform for unilateral marketing noise. Whether it’s a special offer, new and interesting information or valuable content related to your industry, everything you share should be something your followers will benefit from.

Be sure to contribute to the conversation: ask and answer questions, listen to what people are saying and offer insight and information where it’s relevant. Be a valuable part of the community to build a loyal following that remembers and prefers your brand.

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