A brand is a reason to exist, a vision, a story that connects. Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker covers how important it is to build a good brand.

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Bombay Sapphire's new experiential campaign, The Grand Journey, is a great example of an immersive experience truly embracing a brand story.

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Snapchat, now known as 'Snap Inc.', has released a pair of sunglasses capable of shooting video. Will they prove a success, and does this signal a far more important change for the brand?

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Encouraging consumer interaction through user generated content is proving to an extremely effective tool for many brands, from Coca-Cola to GoPro

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London Design Festival, the city's annual celebration of all things creative, begins on Saturday.

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A recent address from David Davis, Secretary of State for Leaving the EU, reflected a positive outlook that we have seen from clients both existing and new in the months passing the announcement of Brexit.

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Friday saw the marking of yet another milestone here at Underscore, our seventeenth birthday, to which we aptly spun off our #sevunteen social media celebration.

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Dutch pushchair designer Bugaboo has created a new modular suitcase that completely reinvents this tried and tested product.

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