Lockdown was long. Much longer than we expected. After six months of working from home, our team is back in the office with a new lease of life. Here are just a few of the things we missed the most about London;

1) The buzz of Soho… You just can’t beat it and the crazy characters that come with it. What’s better than alfresco dinner and drinks in Soho on a summer evening? 

2) Lunch at Berwick Street market. From the incredible smells at every food stall to the variety, there’s no better way to spend lunch. 

3) Routine. Sometimes it’s good to get back to normal *cue 7 am alarm*. 

4) Commuting along the river… Through Chelsea to see all the amazing Club Monaco and Cartier shop fronts, and then up to Hyde Park to spot the early morning horse riders.

 5) The Hawksmoor Sunday roast to end a busy week (complete with a huge Yorkshire pudding and salted caramel rolos). 

6) Cycling. It’s amazing to see so many new cyclists on the roads and how the local boroughs are re-thinking roads and footpaths to facilitate this shift. 

7) Dancing all night. I can’t wait for the clubs to finally open. Fabric is at the top of the list… They also have one of the best sound systems in Europe, and probably the best in London. 

8) Walking. The average London commute contains 38 minutes of walking – and we also walk an average of 3,500 steps in our office… that’s a long way towards the often elusive 10,000 steps. 

9) The re-opening of private member’s clubs like Home Grown.

10) Real-world shopping! I’m looking forward to *actually* seeing and touching clothing or tech items before I buy them. I’ve been wounded by a few dodgy online purchases in the last few months (cough cough… Rayban…) 

11) Strolling through the Tate Modern on a Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t been to the Andy Warhol exhibition yet, add it to the list. 

12) Live jazz and freshly cooked lobster at The Big Easy in Canary Wharf or Chelsea (name a better duo).  

13) Stocking up on Christmas gifts from Carnaby Street & Soho six months early. 

14) The smell of Aesop. And knowing there’s one around the corner before you can even see it. 

15) Hailing a cab. Black cabs might be some of the world’s most expensive, but they’re also a sign of a good night – and some of the most insightful conversations I’ve had!  

16) Somerset House. From the Summer Series to ice skating, all against the most incredible backdrop. You can’t help but get goosebumps. 

17) Ending a cycle through Hyde Park with EL&N cake and fancy coffee

18) Getting back to my favorite Crossfit trainer. Even if it means getting up at 5 am.

19) Selfridges. The windows. The restaurants. The beauty hall. The food hall samples. All of it. 

20) Rooftops. You can’t beat having a drink on top of Madison’s whilst watching the sun setting on St. Paul’s. 

21) Cozying up in front of the fire in a cozy London pup during the middle of winter. Mulled wine a big plus.


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Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business