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Ever since they’re much-anticipated annual news conference last week, Apple has been stoking endless chatter and debate with their new iPhone 7 and its conspicuous lack of headphone jack. The tech giant has, however, made another far less talked about announcement that could have a more wide-ranging effect on our daily lives.

Apple’s new Home app will act as a home hub for managing numerous connected devices. At first glance, the app looks much like Hive, Nest, or any other home management system, allowing you to remotely control connected devices such as heating, blinds, plugs and switches. However, the point of difference in this case comes from Apple’s uniquely genius approach to UX and UI, and the brilliant timing of the release.


Apple Home app image(Image credit: Apple)


Home users will be able to organise their connected devices into set ‘scenes’, which can then be activated with a single phrase to Siri. For example, the heating, kettle, oven and TV could be grouped into a single scene, which could then be activated with the phrase “I’m home”. Users won’t have to fiddle around with a complicated app interface, switching on multiple devices, because in typical fashion Apple has made the experience as streamlined as humanly possible.

The timing of the release is, perhaps, an even more important factor. For several years now, ‘The Internet of Things’ has been lively talking point in many circles, but the reality for the majority of us has been that most of our devices have remained largely unconnected. Now, however, as the technology becomes increasingly affordable and the public becomes better educated about a connected world, a connected home is no longer just the plaything of the rich and curious. Perhaps by holding back and waiting until connected technology has become more integrated in our lives, Apple could reap real benefits, establishing themselves as the digital overseers to yet another part of our daily lives.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business