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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is currently trying to patent projection mapping hardware that will allow them to project images of the outside world onto the interior of their aeroplanes.

An application for a patent filed last week implies that Boeing, whose aircraft currently make up almost half the world’s passenger planes, is hoping to develop technology that would allow them to project images of sunshine, clouds and stars onto the interior of their plane cabins. A Boeing spokesperson said that “projection lighting is simply one of many technologies we are exploring to see if it can bring advances in both airline economics and passenger experience.” Currently, the suggested projections will simply be of imagined skylines, but the patent could pave the way for technology that would allow images of the outside world to be projected onto the cabin in real time: a scary thought for people less than comfortable with the idea of being 30,000 feet in the air.

The move is a clear indication that Boeing is looking for increasingly innovative ways to augment what is currently a pretty uncomfortable experience (at least for those of us in Economy). In this case, research has suggested that harsh, fluorescent lighting is one the leading reasons for passenger dissatisfaction. The move could prove to be a creative way to enhance the passenger experience for a relatively low cost: the holy grail for many low cost airlines.