Bombay Sapphire immersive experience banner

Gin brand Bombay Sapphire is launching a new immersive experience that seeks to play on the provenance of their all important botanicals, transporting “guests from Morocco to Murcia, Spain to Saxony on a journey that fuses the worlds of art, food and drink and visual design”.

The new experiential campaign, entitled ‘The Grand Journey’, aims to explore the origins of each of 10 key botanicals used in the gin’s production, taking visitors on a ‘virtual’ journey that culminates in the ultimate G&T.



Developed in partnership with leading chefs, mixologists and experiential agency The Robin Collective, The Grand Journey is experiential marketing at its finest. Rather than creating an arbitrary experience that is somehow twisted back to a brand message, Bombay Sapphire has instead developed an immersive experience that focuses on their key (supposed) point of difference in the crowded gin market: namely the provenance of their botanicals. From their bottle design to their TV advertising, Bombay Sapphire continually focuses on the exoticism of their ingredients. It is a strategy that speaks to a very aspirational image of a well-travelled, international and curious explorer sampling the unknown. The Grand Journey ramps this imagery up to the next level, turning it into a multi-sensory experience. This is exactly what experiential marketing should do: build on an already established brand story in a way that is immersive, exciting, and shareable.

(Banner image credit: Bombay Sapphire)

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business