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Going into a Lush store keeps me dreaming and believing in fairy tales, but most importantly, it reminds me of my love of glitter. Each and every time, I just can’t help falling in love!

Lush are innovative in everything they do, from their use of custom typography, to their bold branding and the wide range of skincare products they sell. They have proven their ability to respond and adapt to the market, while still championing a human authenticity.

I relish beauty nights when I spend evenings luxuriating in a glittery bath spiked with a Lush bath bomb, face mask on, knowing I smell amazing and will have soft and smooth skin when I emerge. In the mornings I indulgently rub Lush moisturiser in and delight in the smell and smoothness.

When I go to Lush my heart literally fills with joy. Each time I visit, I am filled with amazement with all the new and wonderful lotions and potions on offer, and am always welcomed by friendly and smiling staff. On my last visit, I bought the new Naked shower gels that have no packaging, meaning I can indulge without the guilt – dreamy.