At Underscore we’ve found the role of our designers have been changing quite quickly. Brand designers are evolving their concepts into the digital world so fast that there is no longer the time or the need for a handover.

It’s a melting pot that our industry is quietly encouraging us to adjust to. Indeed, in Silicone Valley the term “unicorn” has been adapted to describe these rare individuals that have mastered more than one skill in their field and can marry multiple disciplines together in their work.

They say that data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen and also that great listening is all you need to really help someone, and that’s why UX designers and digital designers are almost becoming data scientists. Underscore has been growing with this new world quite passionately and encouraging our team to embrace this new cultural shift wherever possible, taking classes to expand our knowledge and keep up with the technological advances of the ever changing world around us.


What can you learn from conversion rates?

Last weekend’s Google Analytics Bootcamp by Ian Howie, Head of Growth Team at Trueup (hosted by General Assembly), helped us get a deeper understanding of how data can help bridge the connection between our clients’ websites and the users of their products. The course gave us a detailed google analytics overview on how to create audience, acquisition and behaviour reports, as well as a refresher on measurement strategy and how to use goals and filters, understand conversion rates and much more. We also took a closer look at how to use different types of data to more accurately identify website user needs and learned more about how to use that information to improve the digital experiences we create.

They also say that change is inevitable but growth is optional, so to stay ahead of the curve we recommend investing in bootcamps like this one that can evolve the strategic skills of an individual then expand the creative capacity of your team for the clients of today and the world of tomorrow.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business