One of the things we say at Underscore is that we focus on getting meaningful client results. One of the things other people say is that you’re only as good as your last job.

So here are the results fresh from our latest rebrand for the international media group Hybrid:

– General traffic to the company website is up by 65%

– Site engagement has massively increased – people are spending an additional minute and twenty seconds on the site per visit. Video content created by Underscore has allowed customers, prospective employees and stakeholders to get closer to the people within Hybrid, increasing engagement and user retention.

– Job applications through Twitter are up 550% and LinkedIn are up 700%. People are looking at Hybrid’s brand story and values and are reaching out to them in a more personal way. They have made 6 new hires since the rebrand.

– Hybrid’s Facebook account has received more than 8000 likes since the rebrand. The new @More_Hybrid Twitter account gained 700 followers within two weeks.

– Existing clients have commented on the high standard of the new Hybrid feel, with client feedback communicating the personability, and more ‘comfortable’ feel with Hybrid’s design and strategy capabilities.



“Being a media company we always felt a little concerned that our best creative work was reserved for our clients campaigns and that we didn’t spend enough time on our own back yard. Underscore made us feel comfortable about their abilities and were able to collaborate easily with our own digital team. We felt we were part of the process – not just giving the instructions.

“All of our offices – Bristol, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur – have been rebranded internally. We actually opened our new KL space to coincide with the rebrand. The offices look dynamic and full of pace and purpose. We’ve now got hoodies, coffee cups, pads and pens spread all over the offices. Even though it seems like a small deal, it’s actually a big deal because the team love it and feel they are part of a growing collective.” – James Craven, Managing Director, Hybrid.

Thanks James – the future is definitely looking bright for Hybrid and we’re delighted to have been able to help your team on its way.

You can learn more about Hybrid’s rebrand here.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business