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Big news, tuna in, Seafood Week kicks off in just over two weeks! Now we don’t exactly need any more excuses to eat seafood, but as of October 9 we officially have eight days worth of excuses to eat nothing BUT seafood (praise be to cod) as Seafish, the UK authority on seafood, relaunches the week following a fresh rebrand with Underscore.

Seafish poster landscape

All puns aside (we promise), between the 9th and 16th October 2015 Seafish will be working in close partnership with the entire seafood industry, from supermarkets to chippies and from trawlers to fishmongers, all with the aim of promoting the consumption of seafood in the UK. Acting as a focal point around which to encourage UK consumers to eat more fish more often, Seafood Week will aim to showcase the variety and quality of British seafood through numerous promotions, events, recipes and campaigns.


Underscore has been privileged to work closely with Seafish to develop the campaign strategy, visual identity and creative executions for Seafood Week, looking to connect with key industry stakeholders and set a global benchmark for the promotion of seafood consumption.

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Earlier this year Undescore helped Seafish deliver the highly successful ‘Superfishoil .v. Superficial’ campaign, encouraging consumers to make simple swaps between unhealthy meals and omega-3 rich alternatives. This campaign achieved a record reach of 121.1 million impressions and led to a 12% increase in public awareness of omega-3 health benefits.

We have every confidence that the nation-wide Seafood Week campaign will be equally as successful, with dedicated marketing materials being rolled across print, digital, in-store and social media platforms across the UK.

To find out more about this fishy extravaganza, please visit www.seafoodweek.co.uk