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People are on average 30% less productive on a Monday. You can easily change this with the right employer brand strategy.New week. New you. Let’s make this one count.The Greeks and Spanish think Tuesdays are unlucky…
At Underscore, we think you make your own luck.
Nearly 40% of businesses fail to manage their brand through digital channels. Tuesday is a great day to fix that.We’re half way through the week. Let’s reignite that ambition of yours.Most bosses are receptive to requests from their employees on a Wednesday. Share that big idea.Don't wait for Friday. Let's connect today.64% of consumers choose a brand based on shared values.
What do you stand for?
Not had the best week? Let's make sure next week goes better.All the best plans are made on a Friday. Let's do this.Saturday in Korean translates as ‘Earth Day’.
How is your brand making a positive global impact?
We don't often work on weekends. But our ideas always do.Sunday is the perfect day for some brand inspiration. Read on.We don't often work on weekends. But our ideas always do.Need some inspiration?

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