Agent's Army
Branding, Digital, Print, Corporate, Property
Many hands make light work
Cleaning up Londons property services industry
Agents Army is Londons property services company. The company was created specifically with the needs of letting agents and their landlords in mind. Offering something you can’t find anywhere else with their quality of work, speed and reliability of delivery, and their experienced army.

About the brand exploration
We were approached by Lawton Moule Cleaning, one of London's leading property services companies, to deliver a full-service rebrand that would help them stand out of the crowd and get in front of London's leading letting agents.

We first immersed ourselves into the brands' world, creating the name 'Agents Army' to reflect the agent first approach of the business. Pairing this with 'Because many hands make light work' brought he energetic, personable and solution driven ethos of the brand to the forefront.

A bold and playful visual identity was then created through a suite of illustrations. Again, highlighting their personable approach, while also giving Agent's Army something incredibly eye-catching and memorable to help build their brand visibility.

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