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The racing line

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“My favourite view is around the back; notice how the horizontal light bar is intersected by a vertical light into the diffuser, thus forming
the company's logo - clever

Apex cars

Skilfully blending artistry, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, APEX prides itself on being the new front runner in the elite road car bracket, balancing the need for sustainability with the feel of a genuine racing experience.

Following an intensive international consultation process, Underscore identified a design style and story that reflected the details of the car and the ambitions of its creators.

Our Results

The logo marque was inspired by ‘The Racing Line’ and uses parallels from the famous La Source hairpin from the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit - a mecca of racing to form the tip, with the main body of the marque taking it’s symbolism from the unique cross shaped feature that is their rear tail light. We also created a bespoke typeface for the logo marque, developing something truly unique to the Apex brand that resembled the powerful and dynamic nature of the cars and their aerodynamic aesthetic.

Our launch strategy reflected their core specialisms in high performance automotive and Formula 1 race car engineering and shows Apex are creating cars with the power to be worshipped both as individual works of art and the newly aspiring kings of the road.

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