The racing line

Skillfully blending artistry, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, Apex prides itself on being the new front runner in the elite road car bracket, balancing the need for sustainability with the feel of a genuine racing experience.

Brand guidelines
Brand Identity
Logo design

Our brand story of ‘The Racing Line’ personifies the optimal path around a track.


The electric range gets almost full power in less than 15 minutes

The design embodies the goal for Apex drivers to feel that they lead from the front.


Electric Vehicles market unit sales are expected to reach 637.1K vehicles in 2027.

Our brand design strategy, with the main body of the marque taking its symbolism from the unique cross shaped feature.

The design? You will have your own take on it, but it’s certainly distinctive. The worlds of F1 and Le Mans have been tapped.

Vijay Pattni
Top Gear
Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business