Beavertown Brewery
Beavertown Brewery
Branding, Digital, Print, FMCG
Maverick traditionalists
Brewing a household name
The American-style craft beer brand with a quintessentially East London feel
new website visitors in first year of business
Brewer of the Year 2015
About the brand exploration
We were first approached to develop the name and identity for a new American-style craft beer brand with a quintessentially East London feel. Taking inspiration from the brewery’s location in Hackney, we named the new brand Beavertown after the area’s historical nickname.

The driving brand principle of ‘maverick traditionalists’ led to an identity featuring bespoke typography and illustrations, as well as packaging for their three main beers that was just like their creators: honest, bold, and a bit from the left field.

Since working with the brewery in their early days, Beavertown has since become a household name at the forefront of the craft beer revolution.

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