Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
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Brighton your day
Website re-design & social media for a national treasure
Brighton Pier remains one of the UK's most iconic seaside pleasure destinations, but was struggling to connect online with a generation that is increasingly digital-first.
Brighton Pier
social traffic increase
11 million
monthly impressions on Facebook
About the brand exploration
We were first approached to create a brand new website that would both increase footfall and generate engagement from young and old visitors alike.

Touching on a sense of nostalgia, the new design embraces the colourful nature of the seaside’s history, bringing back childhood memories of days out in the sunshine. This is supported by a visual style, tone of voice and new suite of photography and illustration to welcome the user in and to ‘Brighton’ their mood.

We also sought to strengthen the user journey and increase footfall to the pier by allowing users to buy a wristband within a few clicks. This, combined with an increase in social media presence and creation of more timely social channels for the pier, aims to generate a connection with users and a sense of community.
Brighton Pier
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