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Giving back through golf
For many years, the European Tour has used its unrivalled reach within the world of golf to raise money for worthy causes. In the past they have supported charities such as Rays of Sunshine, who provide wishes for seriously ill children, as well as Maggie’s Centre in Scotland, who care for those affected by cancer. Now this years sees the Tour embarking on a far greater, global philanthropic strategy, with the launch of the European Tour Foundation.
Raising Awareness
About the brand exploration
Building on the brand equity of the European Tour, Underscore adapted logo marque which harnesses the power and recognisability of the golfer at its core, adding fluid lines of motion to represent the momentum of a golf swing, as well as the movement for global change that the Foundation wants to inspire.

By creating the rallying cry of ‘Be part of it’, which is predominantly used as a sign-off or call to action, Underscore wanted to engage the golfing community and encourage the participation of everyone involved in the sport - from professional golfers, right through to the fans.
Brand in action
Special Olympics 2019
Fundraising film

Nick Rose - Head of European Tour Foundation

“We were looking for an agency that could act as a consultant, identifying opportunities, thinking globally, pushing creative ideas and making strategic recommendations - and that's what we've got from our relationship with Underscore.”

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