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As international brands seek to rethink their priorities, we partnered with FPUK to rethink their sustainability and customer wellness strategy.
We believe their ‘experience matters’ brand proposition helps to put Frasers Property customers at the heart of their business and everything they do in over 80 cities across the globe.
We have learned and shared that relationships matter as people seek to reconnect, relearn and build future excellence together. FPUK and their customers can now thrive in a positive atmosphere within a more caring community and a business-ready environment.
We now understand the importance of wellbeing and efficiency within the FPUK business and will aim to support their future needs by providing a brand framework for enhancing their portfolio and people.
Our brand message of Rethinking Sustainability is structured around three core areas: consuming responsibly and focussing on people while acting progressively. We have employed a co-ordinated approach to CSR and sustainability management to ensure FPUK can meet their global targets in this important area.
“The team at Underscore has been simply great to work with over the last three years. They have consistently delivered top quality results and feel like an extended part of our own team that can either lead the way on key initiatives or provide marketing support wherever needed.”
Katherine Westcar
Head of Marketing at Frasers Property UK