The original seaside


Margate has a positive story to tell - with beautiful sandy beaches, eternal skies, high-speed rail links, character filled streets, Dreamland and the Turner Contemporary Gallery. We began the process by hosting workshops for key local groups to review Margate’s essence, core values, and visual personality. From these meetings we then created a contemporary and colourful new identity that was supported by a quirky proposition of ‘The original seaside’.

The result

A comprehensive 'brand toolkit' was then supplied to become the main reference point for how future Margate partners will talk, write about and photograph the resort. The new brand was warmly received by the local community and council; providing a solid foundation to promote tourism, community matters and investment.
4.2 million visitors to Margate
4.9% increase in nights stayed in the district

Derek Harding, Programme Director

“The Underscore team were highly responsive to our demands and they were always on hand to provide support and guidance at key times.”

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