Nulty Bespoke
Branding, Digital, Print, Lifestyle
find your light
Brand identity and website for a bespoke luminaire manufacturer.
Nulty Bespoke is a luxury design and manufacture house for those that value light's aesthetics. The team have a collaborative, consultative process where they take their clients' ideas, hopes and dreams and turn them into reality.
About the brand exploration
We were chosen to help them explain that special spaces deserve exceptional light fittings: lovingly designed and beautifully constructed.

Our first priority was to show they are not about mass production and don’t have a standard product, so we started with a blank paper approach (as they do) and a story of 'find your light' to show how they can create almost anything at all to answer a client's requirements. The resultant strategy saw the creation of a process driven design language and a Nulty Bespoke Font to highlight their individuality.

Other Projects

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