Ottoman Hands jewellery as shown on a model in close-up on her neck and further away on her hand


Crafted in heritage


With Ottoman Hands we discovered that that they are more than just a company, they are a collective of talented women who tell an intimate and immersive story, of cultures, craftsmanship and character through their work.
Mock up of Ottoman Hands website within situ


By authentically telling their stories within humble and honest communications we hope our rebrand will help them to connect deeper, as they move forward by creating the unique discoveries that compliments and reflects the personalities and lives of their international client base.

Ottoman Hands are currently in the process of updating their collateral for the Spring/Summer launch however you can check out their existing products here:
Business Cards for Ottoman Hands in a mock up on a textured material
Ottoman Hands gift boxes falling down on a black background
Ottoman Hands mobile in situ

Other Projects