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Creating the authority on seafood, from catch to plate
Seafish is an organisation brimming with ideas and initiatives thanks to the passion and expertise of its many teams. For years now they have been serving and rewarding a more united seafood industry to cement their value and importance in protecting its future for generations to come. However, they were lacking any form of hierachy or structure that would allow them to show a united front within the industry.
Uplift in omega-3 health benefit awareness following campaign
Best Health & Pharma Campaign, Masters of Marketing Awards 2015
Seafish - Fewer Bigger Better
We were tasked by Seafish to create a both an internal and external facing brand. Throughout this process it was clear that the there was an urgent requirement for a more clear cut structure within the business, to cover the vast array of teams, campaigns and initiatives.

By stripping back the logo marque and giving the brand a more practical colour pallete we were able to create something that no longer relied on gimmicks or waves, clearly proving that they are the authority on seafood.

We then began to create 6 sub-brands and an internal guideline to explain the new concept of 'Fewer, Bigger, Better'. This means that any new ideas produced must be something that fit into the wider objectives of the company, in the interest of the seafood industry.

With fewer services, products and messages to offer, we have fewer conflicts and costs to serve.

This ensures that the few we do, we do well. We have bigger opportunities for impact and reach, which supports our profile and audience understanding.

The end result is better collaboration, innovation, efficiency, focus, impact and most importantly, better service to the people that count on us.
Superfishoil Vs Superficial
Seafish approached us to help create a multichannel marketing campaign that would educate consumers about the health benefits of omega-3 and drive seafood consumption as a result.

Following a rapid immersion into the fish-eating habits of the UK audience, we wanted people to know that fish can be simple, easy and fun, and that it's packed with Omega 3.

Our story of “Superfishoil vs. Superficial” allowed us to promote simple swaps rather than extreme diet changes.

The simplicity of the message, tied with the brilliance of the creative, resulted in a host of positive results. The campaign launched across a variety of media including print, digital, and in-store experiences, reaching a total of 121.1 million consumers and achieving an uplift of 12% in omega-3 health benefit awareness.

The campaign also contributed to a 290% growth in unique website visitors, a 161% increase in social media following, and an EAV of £298,305.
Seafood Week
Working with Seafish we also developed a weeklong celebration of all things fishy aimed at increasing seafood consumption called 'Seafood Week' which has now been running for multiple years.

Our brand story of ‘each day, eat it your way’ encouraged consumers to buy, cook and dine out on different types of seafood throughout the celebration, with numerous activities and promotions pushed through restaurants, retailers and chippies.

In total, more than 100,000 products hit the shelves carrying the Seafood Week branding through partnerships with Youngs & The Saucy Fish Co. Meanwhile, over 500 independent fish &chip shops got involved, promotions were pushed at retailers and restaurants including Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Yo! Sushi and Loch Fyne, and a massive social media campaign made over 54 million impressions.
£64 ROI estimated for every £1 spent on campaign
social media campaign reach

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