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Japanese technology brand Panasonic has combined a ‘smart mirror’ with 3D printing in a way that may just revolutionise the cosmetics industry.

At CES 2016 earlier this year, Panasonic unveiled the prototype for a smart mirror that is able to carefully scan your face and make recommendations. At CEATEC 2016 earlier this month, the brand then revealed accompanying 3D printing technology that is able to print makeup perfectly optimised for your individual skin tone and face shape, utilising data from the smart mirror.

Unlike regular makeup, the stuff that comes out of the 3D printer is more like a temporary tattoo, applied to the face once it has dried (which at the moment takes up to a day). If the process can be streamlined, this could completely change the way makeup is used, dramatically reducing time and wastage, and potentially allowing for looks to be fully customised on-screen rather than ‘on-face’. Panasonic also envisages targeting retail, allowing concession stands to print makeup that is perfectly tailored for consumers rather than trying to match shades by eye.

(Credit for all images: Panasonic)