What we do

In a world that is increasingly centred around digital interactions, the user experience of your customers has never been more vital for businesses. Indeed, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience.

The benefit of investing in UX for my business

At Underscore, we are experts in creative thinking, design strategy and user experience (UX). Our UX team combines your business objectives with the potential requirements of the prospective user. By satisfying both needs, high-quality UX increases your acquisition and retention of potential customers; which in turn, increases revenue.

What is our UX process?

UX workshop, customer and competition research, define business & user goals.
Planning &
Develop User stories, map the user journeys and hilight Red Routes (the most important journeys).
Design &
Develop the information architecture to match customer priorities, design the wireframes and build the initial prototypes.
User Test &
Test and learn. This is the place to fail fast and apply iterative improvements to the prototypes until they work smoothly and efficiently.
Finalise &
UX is the step that precedes UI (User Interface) design, the application of the slick user interface in line with your brand identity.

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