Did you know it takes the human brain one tenth of a second to make a first impression, and we now have an eight second span when considering new information? Well if we still have your attention we’ll explore what that means for your brand.

In our fast-paced and tumultuous society the need for a strong brand identity is more relevant than ever. Customers are buying into more than just a product or service, but something they believe in and can identity with personally.

To help you digest this, and guide you into a new and exciting future, we have crafted a list of the top five reasons why now might be the best time to rebrand your business:


Time to be different
The world of some brands today can be a vicious cycle of concept replication and recycling of ideas. One brand will implement a positive change that is well received by customers, and the rest will follow. This type of behavioural trend means that they all start to look, feel and communicate in a similar way. For example when Google introduced a san serif font into its logo, Pinterest, Spotify and Airbnb soon followed suit. However, this also opens up a strong opportunity for other brands to bravely go against the grain, stand out and claim their space whether it be in their brand positioning, narrative or aesthetic. We support those who choose different, as long as evidence can be found that their audience will be receptive, because in the world of the same, people will always want what is fresh and unusual.


Staying ahead of the curve
Retail is one of the fastest changing industries, with product ranges, price patterns and customer engagement channels evolving and shifting 24/7. Currency is therefore one of the key requirements to brands in this sector: if people no longer connect with your brand, they will quickly move on to one that better aligns with their needs and wants. Lead from the front, don’t let your brand become outdated, and keep one eye on the future relationship you want with your customers.


Connecting with your audience
With new generations, ideologies and sub-cultures emerging, it’s important to have compelling culture driven communication tools. Speaking directly to your target market, and more importantly: understanding them. Bold and emotive messaging is a key area to develop, as people want to know what you are stand for in a simple, impactful way without frills or hyperbole.


Embracing Technology
The technological revolution is all about harnessing technological power to improve the customer experience. With the introduction of new technologies, such as chatbots, voice activation and VR experiences into the mainstream, consumers are now seeking out brands who stand out because of their forward-thinking approach to technology. Take Audi for example, who recently developed an immersive VR experience, so customers can test their driving experience including the full configuration without even turning a key in the ignition.


Focusing on the experience
Most industries have felt the shift from product focus to experience focus because just having a good product is no longer enough to dominate or lead. Customers demand a better journey, and are looking for the lifestyle and feelings brands can give them, through their personal experiences defined by human-centric moments. It’s important to think about what the complete consumer journey might become, and how you can therefore give your brand or product range more personality.

One last thing to remember is that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. What are you waiting for?

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business