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Connor Nealon
Hello! I’m Connor,
your account manager.

Let me guide you through our shared
immersive environments - personalised to your
property/development and clientele.

Any questions, I’m here to help!
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Are you ready to bring
your content to life
through unlimited*
immersive environments?

Fully immersive VR workspaces

Retrofit existing spaces, like meeting or conference rooms, into a shared immersive environment using Igloo Immersive Technology. ideal for training, education and familiarisation.*
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Cylinders & cubes

Engage, inspire and entertain - use wraparound sound and vision to create unforgettable events and experiences. Super-flexible, indoor-only solutions that are designed to squeeze into almost any space. Ranging from 2.5m to 9m in diameter.
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A dome, cylinder or cube structure

Bring your designs to life - with a fully-immersive, highly-engaging, surprisingly-affordable visualisation platform. They are distinctive, can go-anywhere, in all-weather. These 360° environments always make an impression.
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We’ve been creating shared immersive spaces for multiple property clients by taking their digital content into immersive spaces that anyone can use for simulation, visualisation, collaboration and bringing experiences to any location.
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