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Connor Nealon
Hello! I’m Connor,
your account manager.

Let me guide you through our online promotion system
- personalised to your branding your needs.

Any questions, I’m here to help!
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Are you ready to
sell more properties
with unlimited
secure email and
website templates?

Automated marketing email template

With one of our unlimited email templates, you will be able to share all key information directly to your contact list in seconds. We will help you to implement an effective marketing automation strategy to grow your business.
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> Email template design
> Develop a marketing automation strategy
> Segment contacts to improve personalization and engagement
> Leverage marketing automation to improve marketing/
sales alignment
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Microsite Templates

With one of our unlimited templates, you will be able to share all your information from one single place. Our templates include content input, trackable customer downloads and can include video content. Our secure system allows you to target and sell as fast as possible.
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> Website design and content management
> Password protected microsite
> Allows tracking for up to 50 users
> Full service hosting
> Personalised domain name
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