Digital is no longer just another a channel – for the brands of tomorrow it is everything. In the post-pandemic world, technology now fuels most consumer needs and wants, so the quality of your digital experience has never been more vital.

At Underscore we focus on ‘emotional prediction’ and a continuous cycle of reflecting on data as our principal methods to predict behaviours and clarify why your brand is the better choice. Our team then reviews all customer touch-points to create innovative digital strategies and design solutions that elevate the quality of the online experience, while driving demand.

What we do

Digital design

Digital image

Web & mobile build & design

Social media management

Search engine optimisation & marketing (SEO and SEM)

Paid search advertising (PPC)

Email marketing

Google analytics

Digital content generation

Content migration

How we do it

We have a consulting process to unearthing client insights and defining sector opportunities.

UX research

UX workshop, customer and competition research, define business & user goals.

Planning & exploration

Develop User stories, map the user journeys and highlight Red Routes (the most important journeys).

Design & prototype

Develop the information architecture to match customer priorities, design the wireframes and build the initial prototypes.

User test & optimise

Test and learn. This is the place to fail fast and apply iterative improvements to the prototypes until they work smoothly and efficiently.

Finalise & launch

UX is the step that precedes UI (User Interface) design, the application of the slick user interface in line with your brand identity.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business