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Why Underscore

Founded in 1999, Underscore is an integrated team of connected thinkers, working tirelessly together with our international clients and partners to deliver connected brand and digital solutions that demand attention and deliver against their key requirements. We are great listeners, we are highly strategic and we always think “audience first” to ensure your brand connects with the people that matter most.

We live by our values

Embody change

The ability to predict and manage change is vital to future performance. Understanding commercial and behavioural trends means we are able to focus on what’s really needed to survive and thrive.

Create clarity

Not unlike a diamond, the more clarity we have, the more value we bring. You don’t need to be the loudest voice in the room, but to have a clear and distinctive position and voice is critical.

Think bigger

Like many of our clients, we are progressive in our outlook. Thinking about the impact of our decisions helps us to better advise on where brands can make a more responsible connection.

Build bridges

Community trust can be built by finding a common goal and forging connections. A greater purpose gives a brand a stronger reason to appeal and connect, beyond simply making money.

We live by our story

We take inspiration from the changing world around us and are quick to adopt new technologies as they emerge. This means we are able to drive a better connection and capture the spotlight for our partners and clients.

Who we work with

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What they are saying

“We were looking for an agency that could act as a consultant, identifying opportunities, thinking globally, pushing creative ideas and making strategic recommendations - and that's what we've got from our relationship with Underscore.”
Nick Rose
Head of European tour Foundation
“As an established international brand, we wanted to work with an agency in London with experience of reaching international audiences.”
Evgeniy Zaitsev
Sales & Marketing VP, PocketBook
“With £16 million of Lottery money expected for release, we are delighted that the success of the Alexandra Palace public consultation and regeneration plans will ensure that Alexandra Palace will be brought back to life after decades of neglect.”
Rebecca Kane
Managing Director, Alexandra Palace
“You showed us your creative potential and your high level of professionalism. Thank you very much for the fabulous ideas. I’m very impressed.”
Tareq al—Arab
Head of Press, Goethe Institüt campaign, German Embassy
“We face the future as one organisation, united behind one mission, united by a new brand.”
David Montague
“The Underscore team were highly responsive to our demands and they were always on hand to provide support and guidance at key times.”
Derek Harding
Programme Director, Margate Renewal
“Underscore made us feel comfortable about their abilities and were able to collaborate easily with our own digital team. We felt we were part of the process not just giving the instructions.”
James Craven
Managing Director, Hybrid
“We love what they’ve developed for us, which we believe does exactly what we wanted.”
Michelle Highman
CEO, The Money Charity
“We love your branding approach.”
Laura Price
Marketing Executive, Wolves FC
“The corporate identity for The Point was cutting-edge and highly effective.”
Carmen Ciantar
MIDI, The Point, Malta
“Underscore were a huge asset to us in simplifying and evolving a range of key messages to reach very different audiences.”
Helen Barnett
Marketing Manager, Bracknell Regeneration
“The new branding developed by Underscore echoes the best from the Victorian times and the modern day - a bit like the venue itself. More importantly it will simply connect our brand to a range of audiences and put Ally Pally firmly back on the venue map.”
Rebecca Kane
Managing Director, Alexandra Palace
“Woke up feeling excited!”
Andrew Deverell Smith
CEO, Deverell Smith
“Very responsive in their work and would certainly recommend to companies who want to take their brand to the next level.”
Ben Cox
“It is testimony to the hard work and dedication of the team in securing and delivering our best year of events on record.”
Emma Dagnes
Commercial Director, Alexandra Palace
“The whole underscore team should be very proud of what you have achieved with the brand and supporting collateral. Thank you for all your support and input over this and all projects.”
William Lewis
Centre Manager, Duke of York Square
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