Slingsby Gin

The Spirit of Harrogate

Slingsby Gin

Tasked with naming and brand delivery for a new spirit company based in Harrogate, we turned to their ‘spiritual home’ for inspiration, looking to the stories, characters and qualities that inspired us to create the name ‘Spirit of Harrogate Limited’ for the parent company.

The result

For their new gin, Underscore extensively canvassed this growing market to establish a unique niche that would match up with the client’s premium sales aspirations. The product took the name of a well-known Harrogate denizen William Slingsby, founder of the locally famous Tewit Well, embodying the relaxation, socialising and restoration of mind, body and soul that Harrogate’s restorative waters evoke.

The heritage inspired identity 'Slingsby Gin' was then successfully brought to market in a blue and copper bottle to echo the products found in vintage apothecary shops, further highlighting the restorative properties, traditional values and medicinal history of this unique spirit - founded in history but perfect for the gin lovers of today and tomorrow.
Gold Medal World Gin Awards 2017

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