Last week we had the pleasure of being invited by Homegrown Private Members Club to speak at their ‘Food for thought’ series where they welcome in expert members to talk about their field. 

We wanted to present a subject that would spark interest and inspire their growing community of entrepreneurs – and what better than the latest hot topic of what we see happening in the digital sphere and the Metaverse.  

So, where did we start? 



95% of human decisions are determined by subconscious factors.

In today’s world where people are consumed with constant distractions, a brand’s singular purpose and power is to make someone feel something different that sparks a connection strong enough to be retained by the subconscious mind.. 

Look at tech giant Apple. They put their customers at the centre of everything they design. Within their product ads, they rarely talk about features or technicalities, rather they sell their product by assigning human feelings and reactions to the idea of owning it. This is emotional marketing. And it does wonders. 



Another good example is global accommodation brand Airbnb. Their ‘Made possible by hosts’ was a recent campaign created to encourage people to rediscover their reasons to travel and reconnect with their loved ones. The message was spot on. Using real amateur photographs from Airbnb guests, and featuring great soundtrack classics, it is hard to not feel a sense of nostalgia and anticipation to travel again. 

Emotion is magical – and the brands that tap into this have the potential to establish a real connection with their audience. A connection that builds brand equity, and belief. 


How are brands diving into new technologies to their advantage?

 The landscape is changing and expectations are rising. Advertising is beginning to operate differently, and tech advances are ushering in a new world of brand immersion with a new set of crazy experiences and a whole new way of connecting with your audience.

Brands will instead be looking to offer weird and wonderful experiences that extend their reach and alter historic perceptions within the new digital sphere – look at The Vault from Gucci as a great example of this done well – while others have collaborated with gaming companies to launch their own virtual worlds, as seen by Nike and their recent collaboration with Roblox to form their own “Nikeland” – a free space to explore games, run marathons and try on new drops. Sounds great right?

It is the crucial element of customisation and exploration that is making these new realities pretty remarkable. Plus, what better way to make people FEEL something than by creating unforgettable experiences in the new digital world?

The bi-product? More brand awareness, a new type of connected community and essentially; a brand with an even more loyal, devoted and diverse audience base.


But – have a plan. 

The deadliest sin for a brand is for your customers to feel you are fake. If you enter the virtual marketplace without a real strategy, you may likely look clunky and opportunistic – rather than innovative and trendy. Many brands are feeling a little lost and bemused about where they fit within this new reality, but the trick is to explore how this new world serves as a direct extension of your brand. Tap into the emotion you’re trying to evoke and the experience you want to create. Think back to your purpose: the reason you exist, why your customers choose you and how you’re different from the rest. 

Ultimately the brands that are offering unique experiences and tapping into the emotions of their audience will be remembered, loved and purchased whether within the metaverse or without – as the best brands are built and admired from the inside out. 

Header image credit: Horizon Worlds

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business