Is it neglect or vandalism? Has the high street store forgotten about the once proud sign above it’s door? No, its brand donors, it’s a cleverly straight forward campaign leveraging the weight and following of well known high street brand names, all for a good cause: to encourage people to donate blood.

There’s nothing that excites us more in the studio than keeping ahead of the latest, brightest thinking. Running from 8th to 14th June, NHS Blood and Transport’s new typographic campaign, “Missing Type” (created by PR company ENGINE) certainly fits the bill. We think this is a great example of the emotive meeting the commercial, all tied up and agilely delivered in a retail setting. The campaign sees brand logos and street signs across the country drop the letters A, O and B – indicating blood types – and showcase their support for National Blood Week.

Brands including, Waterstones, Odeon and Green and Black’s, as well as government bodies 10 Downing Street and Transport for London, have all joined the campaign.


Waterstones Brand donors

Green & Blacks Brand Donors

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business