carling beer button banner

Ever reached into the fridge after a long day at work, hoping for an ice cold beer, and instead been greeted by an empty cardboard box? These days might soon be a thing of the past, with Carling’s launch of an Amazon Dash style auto order button.

Designed to be placed in the fridge, the button will sync with its associated smartphone app and will automatically add a new case of beer to your basket at the online retailer of your choice when pressed. Although it might at first seem like a gimmick, Alpesh Mistry, customer marketing director at Carling owners Molson Coors, insists that it has far more to do with building brand loyalty. “It is a scalable solution, that we see having a direct impact on how our consumers shop online and purchase Carling”, suggests Mistry.

Molson Coors found that when shopping for groceries online, shoppers very rarely look past the first 10 items to appear after searching, and in a crowded category like beer, they need to be given a reason to look beyond the brands that first appear. The beer button will allow Carling to keep more capricious drinkers returning to their product, rather than simply jumping between those on special offer.

(Banner image credit: Molson Coors)

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business