The importance of Brand Identity
It is no secret that savvy brands know the importance of using colour to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, it has been proven that colour improves brand recognition and loyalty by up to 80% – think of Coca-Cola, BP and Virgin for example. However colour only makes up one aspect of a brand’s identity, so it is essential to consider the non visual elements and how they interact to form the customer connection.

By tracking and reviewing the right consumer data points, we can start to understand and predict customer journeys in ways that can inform a response.


Listening to the data
The concept of big data has had a significant impact on every industry: it can uncover hidden patterns, the market trends and preferences that affects decision making in any company.

This data can be behavioural, financial, or attitudinal and continues to affect the way we design and revolutionise how we market ideas.

However, the trend is moving away from big data into meaningful data that builds a series of micro pictures of smaller activations so we can create meaningful strategic responses that are immediate, tailored and most importantly, effective in creating a positive change.


How data shapes brand identity

From product design to digital interface, the outputs for brands to redefine themselves in the market place are many. If specific data points are used correctly in the right context, they become a key resource in creating a recognisable brand identity with a stronger connection to its target market.

Using sites like Google Trends, Think with Google, Ibis World, Global Web Index and Trend Watching you can analyse your data reports within the context of global trends to paint a clearer picture of your customer world that means your content creation can be more personal, relatable and impactful.

Relating to consumer profiles through demographics, behaviours, motivations, influences and pain points is increasingly commonplace when building and repositioning brand strategies. Building a brand identity takes work, but the stronger the strategy the more chance you have of making that all important connection.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business