More seamless shopping experiences

Physical grocery stores have been going through a quiet revolution of their own, as game-changing technology is finally reaching retail. You’ll be excited to hear that Tesco is following Amazon’s lead with their first ever ‘GetGo’ store in Holborn.

Tapping into AI and computer vision technology, the store is free from queues as customers are able to grab what they want and just walk out… Although it’s only just been announced as a trial, we expect this to be the first of many – especially if it’s received as well as Aldi and Amazon’s!



Cadbury says sorry

It’s taken two whole years to develop the vegan versions of Cadbury’s classic milk chocolate bar – but the company seems to acknowledge the long wait and setback from its competitors.

They’ve teamed up with IPG agency Golin to create its integrated marketing campaign that includes apology letters and murals to vegan Britains. The letters say, “Sorry it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls … And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you waited. We simply wanted it to be perfect.”

Personally, this ad really caught our eye as we love a bit of heartfelt messaging. Brands everywhere are beginning to realise the impact of direct communication with their audiences (think Oatly, Aldi and Smirnoff) in a way that resonates and reaches them more personally.

We’re looking forward to seeing if it competes with KitKat’s vegan bar released earlier this year…
Oh, the pressure!



Design as a powerful agent of change

Apparently 80% of the environmental impact of today’s products, services and infrastructures is determined at the design stage – meaning the responsibility of creatives couldn’t be greater. Thanks to The Design Council, this two-day event will champion “design as a powerful agent of change”, giving the leading sustainability visionaries a platform to speak and share their ideas.


The event will be put on during COP26, bringing together people from the full spectrum of the UK’s design industry, with around 100 attendees and many more virtually.


We believe design can help us fundamentally redesign the way we live our lives. So register your interest to attend on the 9th – 10th November. You’d be foolish to miss this one!



Tokyo 1964, today

No other sporting event commands the scale of attention within the marketing world like the Olympic Games – making it one of the greatest branding case studies of all time.


You’ll often hear us talking about “core brand values” and the underlying meaning of great brands. Well, the Olympic Brand means much more than just medals and TV ratings – it’s really about bringing the world together, whilst also celebrating national pride.


Want to learn a little more about the design evolution of the Games? Head down to the Japan House London to understand how Japanese creatives helped to reframe their country’s profile after the dark years of the Second World War, whilst informing a unified language that has been replicated across other major sporting events.



Sober October, who?

A cocktail week that lasts the whole month? We’re not complaining. We’ll take any excuse to drink and ramble around London…

Be quick and get your hands on a wristband and drink your way through some delicious £7 Signature Cocktails across over 250 of the best bars in London. Choose from 100 Wardour Street, Sketch, Wild by Tart and Disrepute (just to name a few). Plus get involved in a variety of events and experiences, as well as special menus and immersive pop-ups curated as part of the festival.

This is the kind of news we like to hear!


Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business