Our love of brands sees us wear many different hats here at Underscore, from making the commercial difference for the sale of Europe’s biggest property portfolios, to promoting more responsible sourcing and wider consumption of UK seafood, and everything in between, we’ve seen it all.


Here’s a taste of the last month of Underscore client developments:

Nulty opens in Dubai

From a one-man band in 2011 to a thriving team of over 27 employees in 2016 with a new, more collective brand identity, Nulty, one of London’s leading lighting design consultancies, has maintained their steady path to design domination with the official opening of their second office in Dubai following soon after last year’s rebrand by underscore.

We’re thrilled to see the continued success of the talented team and wish them all the best in growing their Dubai portfolio and achievements.



GreenKite launches rebrand

It took some very dark, cold winter mornings to capture the bright-eyed Green Kite team before they set off for their days across London, but we’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest brand Green Kite, London’s professional inventory company.

From the drivers seat at Green Kite, Will Moule and Joel Lawton launched to market under their new identity, which now truly matches their trusted and accomplished position. Backed by a team of exacting inventory clerks and managers, the business is now preparing to support even more agents across London.




Purssells features at London Coffee Festival

We may be hooked up to coffee by IV drip but we know a good blend when we taste one. And it just so happens that our favourite coffee brand creation, Purssells – The Original Tastemakers, is featuring this weekend at the London Coffee Festival.

Pop along for fine samples of their seasonal blends, and for special promotions crafted with the team here at Underscore.




Nash Bond drives new digital presence

Working with the Nash Bond team now for over 10 years, we’re pleased to share the latest development from one of London’s leading retail property agencies, with the launch of their new website.

The website forms part of an important strategy to support the team in managing an enhanced digital experience within the services they deliver to clients.




Investment portfolios across Europe

We’ve been working in close collaboration with various clients to deliver material for a number of UK shopping centres as well for two of Europe’s largest office portfolios. It has taken our photographers to all corners of Europe and our Account Managers to all hours of communication, and we’re proud to see the successful delivery of all projects.




Seafish campaign nominated for CIM Awards

Our “Superfishoil not superficial” campaign has been nominated for two awards at the Marketing Excellence CIM Awards after a highly successful roll out across the UK in 2015. The campaign, created with the super Seafish marketing team, was aimed at promoting the healthy consumption of fish and other seafoods, and it was hugely effective in boosting both awareness and sales.




Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business