1. Our reset for marketing


Changing times call for new ideas so we have been busy developing our unlimited product suite of digital marketing products to help your marketing become more affordable, more engaging and significantly more effective.

Within the property sector alone, over 94% of businesses see technology investment as making a positive impact on their revenue over the next 5 years. So why not click here to see some of the solutions we now have on offer?




2. Once you pop…


The new Pringles brand has the internet divided as, for the first time in 20 years, Kellogg’s is switching up Mr. Pringles’ look.


Some feel it has been stripped of its personality and we initially thought the same. However once we dug a little deeper, it’s clear that by pulling Mr P’s bowtie into the logo it’s all about reducing the clutter, and stripping the brand to work harder for digital.


The most recent brand was becoming too difficult to work down into small executions so a shift into flat design, incorporating bright, bold new colours creates a fresh direction that most brands are now aiming for.


But what do you think? Are you feeling nostalgic and miss the old identity? Or are you happy to see some change?



3. The “McPlant” is here. 


McPlant – a burger that tastes “just like meat”. Trailing behind other leading fast food chains like Leon, KFC, Burger King and Nando’s – we were wondering what was taking them so long. However, after three years’ worth of research and a collaboration with Beyond Meat, we’re all expecting great things…


The new £3.49 burger will be trialed in 10 McDonald’s restaurants in Coventry from today, before being expanded to a further 250 restaurants across the UK from 13 October. There are plans to roll it out nationwide in 2022.


We appreciate any step taken to reach a greener planet, however we’re not convinced by the name… McPlant? Was this the final conclusion from 3 years of research, boardroom meetings and focus groups? I guess a vegan addition to their menu was far enough out their comfort zone to direct any more energy into the name… Should have given us a ring!


beyond meat burger


4. Finally, a reason to visit the mound


British sculptor Anthony James will be taking over the mound’s temporary exhibition space with an immersive light installation. The light show was originally supposed to open in July, but for obvious reasons, it’s now opening two months later.


His exhibition at the Marble Arch Mound is called Lightfield and promises to be fully immersive, with ‘Transmorphic Cubes’ made of stainless steel, specialised glass and LED lights.


Although the mound is only down the road from us, we haven’t rushed to visit the glorious site… Maybe the addition of a light show may tempt us?



5. The first cancer research exhibition

Half of us will sadly develop cancer in our lifetime but research is moving at a rapid pace and there’s a reassuring amount of light on the horizon. The UK’s first ever exhibition of cancer research (and the first to take place within the setting of a working science lab) is now open at the Francis Crick Institute – “Outwitting Cancer: Making Sense of Nature’s Enigma”.

A beautiful exhibition that merges together art and science – visitors can learn about how scientist Boulton uses tiny owrms as models for genetic tests, or experience an immersive audiovisual installation that weaves together detailed microscopy imagery of cancer and blood cells.

This one’s completely free and open until July 2022. It’s definitely not one to miss.


people attending exhibition

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business