After 21 years of building and developing brands, we’ve learned a thing or two. You could call us fully-fledged brand adults. In celebration of the big 2-1 this September, we’ve put some of our top learnings down, on paper, for you, for free.

For the past two decades, we’ve worked with a big range of businesses, covering pretty much every industry. But, there are 3 themes that continue to come to light in most of the projects we do.

They are:

Luxury marketing
Employer branding

And so, we’ve created 3 white papers for you to download – each detailing our ‘top 5’ tips to getting it right and succeeding. Download one, or download them all, it’s up to you.

Happy reading,
Team Underscore

Key findings

Luxury sales are predicted to fall up to 35% this year, as a result of Covid-19
Within 2 weeks of lockdown, we saw a 90% increase in web content downloads
87% of candidates accept offers specifically because of cultural fit
71% of buyers under 40 prioritise outdoor space more than they did pre-Covid

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Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business