March 14th 2012

Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy campers – the ultimate brand devotees?

So, asking yourself honestly…. how far would you go to protect your favourite brand? There is a growing tented village outside Niketown in London’s Oxford Circus (right on underscore’s doorstep) where some of the most dedicated followers of fashion have been camping out for over four days now – and with three more to go – all for the love of the Nike brand and a very select promotional footwear offer.

The lucky few will be aiming to pick up one of only 150 pairs of Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy basketball shoes that will be released for sale in Europe. At around £150 per pair these are not cheap, but far cheaper than the reputed $70,000 that someone paid on ebay for a pair!

Interestingly, it appears that saving cash is not the motive of ‘the true culture’ of Nike devotees that are currently camped out in W1. Our investigations have discovered that these guys (and girls) are Nike brand guardians on a deep level and their overriding goal is to stop these treasured items being ‘resold’ online for a profit to those that may not value – as they do – the lasting value of this historic opportunity.

One devoted Nike enthusiast was a really great guy named John who equated his intended purchase to ‘owning an antique’ and told us that Americans are offering “other shoes and money” on Facebook to anyone in the London queue willing to trade. He also said that when a similar promotion was released Stateside in Orlando there were riots – which is one thing we don’t need any more of so lets hope when it comes to showing a civilised way to bag a brand classic then these guys Just Do It.

Hats off from us to Nike for creating the buzz and the brand pull that makes guys like John so committed to the cause, and here’s hoping they each get a pair that perfectly fits their feet or their trophy cabinet. We wish them all the best.

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