Co-founders Stuart McDonagh & Allan Carlin created We Schedule It in early 2020 to help simplify scheduling for public and private sector clients and give customers a seamless user experience in the new remote virtual norm. They approached us in May, looking for support standing out in what had quickly become a very crowded market.

We jumped into gear and to support one of our nimblest ever brand consultations. We delivered a new brand story and identity in only 4 weeks from the initial consultation.

To begin, we built an employee questionnaire and held a remote Zoom workshop with the project’s key stakeholders. This helped us to very quickly able to get inside the heads of our new partners. During this session, we established the core differentiator of We Schedule It: their world-class team is genuinely committed to helping people save time through technology. This informed our brand story “Your time is precious”.

Our flexible brand identity expanded upon this story with subtle nods to time throughout its logo and graphic language. The ‘L’ represents the clocks hour and minute hand and the circles that reference ‘on the dot’.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full case study, coming soon.


Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business