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For the rest of this week, the newly redeveloped Broadgate Circle will come alive with a series of performances from the country’s best acts. These performances are the realisation of the brand story created by Underscore for the Broadgate Circle: ‘A Living Destination’.

Previously, the Broadgate Circle had been seen as very similar to the City of London itself: busy midweek but devoid of ‘life’ in the evenings and at weekends, as it catered mostly for commuting professionals. The Underscore solution was the creation of the brand story of ‘a living destination’. Inspired by the foliage that would change with the seasons and the lights that would change with the day, the Broadgate Circle has been repositioned as more than just a business location, but the place-to-be for socialising and dining. This brand story formed the core of all of communications strategies and marketing executions, showcasing an environment that is literally non-stop.


This week’s series of launch events is a clear example of the new brand in action. Soul singers, magicians, break-dancers and jazz musicians will all grace the newly renovated venue, while restaurants and bars including Yauatcha City and The Botanist will draw in not only local professionals, but punters from across London in the evenings and into the weekend.

The brand story created for the Broadgate Circle and its realisation through this week’s launch events is a clear demonstration of how careful consideration of a location’s brand can inject personality and life, and connect with audiences where previously a connection was hard to come by.


The Broadgate Circle events programme continues until June 13th, and further details can be found here.