The Broadgate Circle
The Broadgate Circle
Branding, Marketing, Placemaking, Print, Property
A living destination
Redefining a central London retail and dining hub
Having previously catered only to a daytime, weekday, professional crowd, The Broadgate Circle is now a 24/7 destination for dining, leisure and the arts. The Broadgate Circle has become the leisure location for events and restaurants within the City of London.

About the brand exploration
Our task was to reposition The Broadgate Circle into a “must go to” leisure location for events and restaurants within the City of London, whilst also complimenting the existing Broadgate Estate brand.

Our brand story of ‘A Living Destination’ was chosen to reflect how their events and activities programme would dramatically change the location. This was carried across all touch points from the hoardings to the marketing of their various letting opportunities. By creating a 'living' logo marque we were able to show the fluidity of the space as well as entice people into the area.

pre let at launch

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