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The Bridge to Blockchain
Transforming the world of ticketing
Artos is the breakthrough technology partner that will help businesses to innovate their ticketing strategies to become more competitive and alleviate fraud, while contributing to a big socio-economic transformation. The role of Underscore was to articulate that complex process through story and design then help launch it to market.
About the brand exploration
The Ticketing Sector is a dynamic and creative world. It’s about taking risk, building something new, selling an experience to an excited audience. It's against that backdrop that Underscore was appointed to articulate and launch Artos - an exciting new brand committed to creating an an efficient and trusted process between parties.

Blockchain provides the next wave of opportunity to innovate across the digital supply chain for ticketing and Artos is committing to use the best technology to save customers time and costs, while contributing to a big socio-economic transformation.

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