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Willmott Dixon Interiors wanted their brand review to unite their various teams and quantify ‘why’ the brand has such a strong emotional appeal.
Our workshops showed it was the people behind the brand that make it truly special and so our brand story of ‘Everything completed with pride’ became the emotional rallying call for all stakeholders to understand ‘why’ the brand had a wider appeal than just a strong commercial offer.
We brought this story to life by interviewing on film as many passionate individuals as we could find and asking them what they were most proud of and what this made them want to achieve in future.
As a leading name in hospital and school refurbishments Willmott Dixon Interiors wanted to modernise their ‘shield’ brand identity and galvanise their workforce through a rebrand.
The consultation research findings showed that it was the people that make up the Interiors business that make it truly special. The result was the brand story of ‘Everything completed with pride’.