What we do

We get underneath your business to discover the hidden details and trends then we bring greater clarity through the suggestion of strategic channels to help communicate your brand messages at a more effective level.

We live by our story

We get underneath.
We add weight.
We make a connection.
Because that’s what an Underscore does.

We live by our approach

Defining your
brand story
Your brand story is an important part of your whole brand strategy and we aim to strengthen your brand leverage by amplifying it appropriately in a way that’s relevant to your customers through the data we collect. People buy with emotion and your story will help build that emotional connection.
Defining your
brand position
By highlighting your brand differentiation at every opportunity and adopting the customer centric approach we will inform ourselves through the data we collect and in turn find constant innovating ways to enhance the customer experience.
Defining your
brand promise
A brand promise is a natural extension of the building blocks of your corporate strategy: mission, vision, and values. Your brand promise provides a powerful new and appealing platform for the narrative in which these core elements can be explained, embedded, and actualized.
Defining your
brand personality
By being consistent in your brand and sub brand messaging and design, reinforcing the position, promise and personality at every single touch point we can help to demonstrate the value that your brand provides for your customers, and how that value is created. Our aim is to highlight that you change with the time.

We live by our process

We have a consulting process to unearthing client insights and defining sector opportunities that is collaborative, tested and effective.
What’s the key thing you want to change?
Who are we speaking to and why?
Why does it matter to them?
How and where do we reach them?
When to connect and what to measure?
We specialise in employer branding, placemaking, and digital marketing.

Get better connected