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GPE are leading property investors and developers in central London. They create beautifully designed, sustainable new spaces that allow people to thrive. To help drive business growth, it was time to deliver a new dynamic and customer centric brand that reflected the market leaders that they are.
The biggest challenge when revisiting the GPE brand was to ensure that we could bring all of their key audiences along as part of the journey. We wanted to show that they are extremely conscious of sustainability and social impact and that they are evolving and planning to meet tomorrow’s challenges and trends, whilst still being the collaborative and trusted partners that have earned them their unique reputation.
After an extensive immersion and consultation process alongside Property PR specialist Redwood Consulting, we were able to identify four strong pillars that set the company apart from their competitors, whilst also serving as a point of connectivity for their employees, partners and investors. These provided a foundation for all communication and messaging; ensuring GPE’s audience receive all future brand content in an appropriate and relevant tone.
GPE’s new, forward-thinking identity has been developed with flexibility in mind. The geometric logotype and bold shapes embody confidence, paired with friendly typography and a warm colour palette. The outcome is fresh, smart, approachable and packed with personality.
The design language uses a circle device to reflect their 360° approach in everything they do, as well as GPE’s ‘eternal’ commitment of creating exceptional spaces and experiences in central London. The circular shape also nods to their sustainability commitments and focus on celebrating the circular economy.
Finally we added a new brand story of “Greater Together” that reflects their collaborative approach and that GPE offers both greater choice and a great occupier experience in the greatest city in the world.
“This has been a journey that has made me so proud of the team. The passion, energy and dedication this team have has inspired the new brand and I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you to you and the team, very much greater together.”
Anisha Patel
Head of Marketing, GPE