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A pocket full of...
Evolving an international E-reader for a modern market
Founded in 2007, PocketBook is the world’s third largest manufacturer of E Ink readers, with 366,817 active subscribers to their content services and products sold in 35 countries and counting.
No. 3
E-reader on the planet
Active subscribers and counting
About the brand exploration
Despite their dominant market share in Eastern Europe, Pocketbook approached us to evolve the brand identity, making it relevant to the millennial market and creating a suite of flexible assets that would leverage them as market leaders to the rest of the world, arming them with the tools they need to grow the brand globally.

With a brief to retain the existing logo, we created a complimentary colour palette that would give the brand an injection of energy and allow us to connect into four product verticals, each with its own story to explain the product family USPs. In addition to the vertical messaging, we also created an overarching story of ‘A Pocket full of…’ this flexible messaging system allows both emotional and rational stories to be told around the product, giving the versatility to shout about a whole host of brand benefits and product capabilities.

Taking inspiration from the pocket shape itself, we created a dynamic and distinctive graphic device that utilises curves to build a recognisable and ownable style. This was coupled with a suite of bespoke iconography that can be used on the product itself, as well as across packaging and other brand collateral. In addition, we created guidelines around a more human photography style, allowing PocketBook to connect with a younger demographic and bring their values of freedom and authenticity to life.

Evgeniy Zaitsev - Sales & Marketing VP, PocketBook

“As an established international brand, we wanted to work with an agency in London with experience of reaching international audiences.”

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