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Rebranding a major retail transport hub
West One Shopping Centre sits at the heart of London's West End, directly above Bond Street tube station. 2018 brings a completely revamped and refurbished West One, with high-quality interiors, new branding and new retail units.
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About the brand exploration
With a daily footfall set to rise to 225,000 people per day, West One is the ideal meeting place for friends or colleagues to grab a coffee and food for a catch up. We were tasked by Norges with creating a branding experience that encourages people to stop a while rather than just passing through.

After a period of consultation our resultant visual identity and story represents the many individual journeys that go through daily whilst repositioning West One as an ideal destination to grab a quick bite to eat or drink. The visual language of interlocked hexagons was both derived from the new architecture of the scheme refurbishment and also the collaborative benefits of a great new tenant mix.
West One Shopping Centre
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