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As the media landscape becomes more diverse, advertisers are presented with greater opportunities for market engagement than ever before. However at the same time, big brands are faced with big decisions in determining the best and most effective use of their annual media spend. What’s the solution? The newly rebranded RTL AdConnect.
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Brand Introduction 2016
Europe's leading entertainment network
165 million
daily viewers
About the brand exploration
Following an eight-month consultation of the global team, we helped the communications team at IP Network transform from their original name and identity into the superior international media sales house. The exercise was specifically designed to bring the global network closer to their parent company, RTL Group, and reflect the 400+ first-class broadcast and digital media partners.

We translated this name and purpose into a design language that offers a versatile application of deltas and dashes to reflect both the brand identity and also the ‘play’ element to Total Video. Armed with a new brand and design, we expect to see RTL AdConnect become celebrated for their expertise in delivering effective strategies for helping some of the best brands reach new markets and audiences, delivering on their business change objectives.

Armed with their new name of RTL AdConnect, a clear positioning statement of ‘international advertising solutions’ and a ‘catch-all’ brand story of “reach more”, this brand is now positioned for a bright future delivering effective and innovative strategies for ‘brands on the move’ as they seek to reach into the geographic and audience markets of the future.
RTL AdConnect
Brand Introduction
After analysing their sales process and targeting the demographic of their key clients we simplified the user journey by identifying their core services - Audience, Insights and Solutions. We streamlined the process of displaying and browsing their vast brand portfolio, allowing clients to search for target audiences by country, platform, genre or a combination of the three to reach truly international solutions. This resulted in a 300+ page website capable adapting to devices from mobile right up to 5K retina screens.

The content of the site allows clients a rapid overview of Europe’s media climate and acts as an essential tool for expanding into emerging markets, with animated statistics and iconography making for an entertaining, educational journey.
Video Marketplace is a unique gateway giving international advertisers direct access to the entire RTL Group digital ecosystem. This new and unique pan-European offer gives international advertisers simple and centralised access to RTL AdConnect’s entire digital portfolio, including leading broadcasters’ video-on-demand platforms in 12 countries, two of the largest curated marketplaces and premium YouTube channels.
TV Key Facts
The Total Video International Trends
TV Key Facts
Produced in collaboration with Europe's major audience and advertising data collection institutes, this indispensable annual survey is available to all of RTL AdConnect's advertising partners. RTL AdConnect & RTL Group's essential study on TV and advertising, covering 39 countries including 35 European countries as well as India, China, the United States and Japan.

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