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Quintessentially is the global leader in luxury concierge services, located in over 60 cities around the world. On-hand to assist with each and every lifestyle request, they offer their members an incredible opportunity - to simply enjoy more of what they love.
Quintessentially 360°
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Quintessentially 360°
From reservations, to access, to experiences, Quintessentially is the go-to service for any individual low on time but keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer. Underscore partners with the many teams at "Q" to help articulate this offer across a diverse range of services from events to equestrian to weddings to travel.

We have worked on many projects with Quintessentially including our video productions that showcase the quality of their service and delivery, and our recent film was entitled "Q360" to celebrate the 'exceptional services' that they create 'for exceptional people’. From storyboarding to scripting, editing and delivery, the Q360 film (shown above in short) is an example of our ongoing commitment to building the Quintessentially brand.
Quintessentially estates – Digital Development
HSBC partnered with Quintessentially to create Jade to help their clients make the most of their precious time in a world of inspiring experiences, privileges and unique opportunities.

Our role was to help articulate and continuously evaluate the range of shared benefits created by this unique brand partnership. From our first consultations it became clear that by filming the teams, beneficiaries and activities we could celebrate better the shared space that would make this this brand partnership successful for the future.

From storyboarding, to scripting, editing and delivery, the Jade films celebrated how over 50,000 global members could 'discover through experience' and was another example of our commitment to support Quintessentially in a variety of areas.
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